Business Continuity Plan Disclosure

E.E. Powell & Company, Inc. has created a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in accordance with FINRA Rule 4370.  The BCP is designed to allow us to continue critical business operations in the event of a business disruption or an emergency.  It covers events varying in scope and severity.

E.E. Powell & Company, Inc. is and introducing firm and we do not perform any type of clearing function for ourselves or others.  We do not hold customer funds or securities.  We accept and enter orders.  All transactions are sent for execution to our clearing firm, Pershing LLC.  Pershing LLC maintains our customers’ accounts.  Pershing LLC has established a BCP and periodically reviews and tests the effectiveness of the plan.  Pershing LLC’s contact number is (201) 413-3635.  This hotline will have recorded instructions as to how our customers can access their accounts during a business disruption or emergency.  Pershing LLC can also be accessed via their website at

In the event of a Pershing LLC firm only, building, district, citywide, or regional business disruption or emergency, we will make every attempt to maintain communication using any means necessary. Their estimated recovery time is four hours.

In the event of an E.E. Powell & Company, Inc. firm only, building, district, citywide or regional business disruption or emergency, our personnel will be relocated and will conduct business remotely for the duration of the disruption.  In most cases, estimated recovery time ranges from immediate to up to four hours.

Although we have taken steps to ensure the effectiveness of the BCP, we cannot guarantee that the systems will always be available or recoverable after a significant business disruption or disaster.

The BCP is reviewed annually and any material changes to the above information will be available on our website or upon request.  Any further questions can be directed to our Chief Compliance Officer, Andrea Vadas Evancho at (724) 776-7600.